Skin is the New Colour

Skin is the New Colour

Through out the ages tattooing and scarring has been a method of not only protection spells but the severity of damage to the body is alarming as Cancer is the most deadliest disease currently known to man kind. Scary as it may sound, we all hold one super power, and that is choice, to be able to choose what we want to do to our skin and by no means am I here to influence you in any manner what so ever. You have free will.

I am however here to empower you into making healthy choices, for your future self to thank you. Temporary tattoos is such a fun way of self expression, not only to bring family and friends together to enjoyable and memorable moments but also a beautiful new way of gifting.

How many people do you know that has clean tattoo free skin? In todays age and time this is a remarkable achievement, even for the young! Perfect blemish free skin is something to be celebrated and honored and here at Dream Stuff we want to do exactly that!

How often do we see something remarkable reminding us of a loved one or friend, and what better way is there to share a good memory through a shared temporary tattoo?

With Dream Stuff Tattoos we love to see how you share your most magical memorable moments on our social media and on your own social pages. And there is absolutely nothing more exhilarating than experiencing life through your eyes!

We want to keep encouraging you to create new moments in your today and keep sharing those wondrous exhilarating memories as you journey with us through this incredible life experience we are living right now!

Remember, life happens to those that make it happen! So go and make the most glorious memories with DreamStuff Tattoos and keep sharing every incredible moment, no matter how ridiculous it may sound!

Let us show people how incredible life can actually be with clean skin and having choices and options to change your mind as you live through life with us!

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