New Skins for Every Magical Occasion

Dream Stuff Tattoos invoke and awakens the landscape of you, finding your skin, your new colour, moving into a new era of being vitally essential for human existence and the future.

Dream Stuff Tattoos target young and old. Kids can start exploring temporary tattoos and realizing sensuality is a super power once understood as a normality and also boosting self confidence and knowing of self and desires as they go into puberty and grow into adults that is healed in the misconception of what religions believe as taboo’s.

Our mission

Every human from puberty to one foot in the grave needs the sensual awakening that Dream Stuff Tattoos are bringing.

As long as there is a soul alive in a body, there is potential to discover, inspire and guide them towards true power and to live their dreams and desires of pleasure as to guiding and inspiring them to action.

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